Azra Games, Unlockd, and the new era of Web3 Gaming.

Bridging NFT finance innovation and core gaming experiences

4 min readNov 14, 2023

gm friends.

We’ve got some thrilling news to share from the Unlockd crew.

Our NFT-backed lending platform is expanding, and we’re pumped to announce that Azra Games NFTs are now part of the family.

This integration with Azra Games is about more than just business — it’s about unlocking new opportunities for everyone holding their NFTs.

For you, this means more options: Azra Games NFTs can now be used as collateral for loans on our platform.

Let’s dive into why we’re so jazzed about this collab and what it means for the NFT community.

Azra Games: The Next Big Thing in Web3 Gaming

The Azra Games team. Source: Twitter.

Azra Games isn’t your average startup.

Azra has already raised $15M from top VCs like a16z, and their team needs no introduction in gaming circles. Their alumni team comes from Capital Games, the studio behind Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (acquired by EA).

Simply put, these are heavy hitters aiming to disrupt gaming.

Azra Games is building next-gen blockchain games for core gamers. Their first title, Legends and Legions, promises to captivate players with its seamless fusion of technology and magic, blending collecting cool digital assets with intense PvP battles (looks like a mashup of Game of Thrones and Ready Player One, huh?)

Beyond entertainment, it lays the foundation for an immersive metaverse where NFTs like The Hopeful and Genesis Explorers become integral parts of the experience.

This emphasis on delivering real utility and value aligns perfectly with our vision at Unlockd.

That’s why we didn’t hesitate to welcome Azra NFT owners into our community.

Liquidity for your NFTs without selling them

At Unlockd, innovation is in our DNA. We’re reimagining NFT lending beyond the old model of hand-picking “blue chip” collections.

Our platform runs on the ethos of democratized access to liquidity. We enhance the intrinsic value of NFTs as collateral, no matter the project or profile pic.

By bringing Azra Games NFTs into our protocol, we’re giving owners instant access to loans using their NFTs as collateral. They get liquidity while keeping all the benefits of their assets.

This is huge in a market where liquidity can be scarce, especially for lesser-known collections. We’re opening doors that were once closed.

You can take out a loan now using your NFTs from The Hopeful with the best terms out there, no expiration date, minimized liquidation risk (thanks to our risk framework) and 0 (yes, -z e r o-) fees. Click here.

Why We’re Bullish on Azra Games

At Unlockd, we don’t just add any NFTs willy-nilly. Each collection needs to demonstrate compelling value.

Here’s why we’re pumping our fists for Azra:

  • Leadership with a Legacy — The Azra co-founder led Capital Games to huge success and an EA acquisition. This team has done it before.
  • Backing of Top VCs — $15M in funding from a16z provides fuel to reach ambitious goals.
  • Engaged Community — Positive buzz about the pre-alpha shows an excited player base.
  • Innovative Gaming Focus — Their first title blends magic and tech for an immersive, nostalgic experience.
  • Multi-Chain NFT Utility — NFTs work across various blockchains, enhancing appeal.
  • Artistic Excellence — Visually stunning NFTs stand out from the pack.
  • Gameplay over Land Sales — Focus on core game, not just selling virtual land.
  • Strategic Partners — Collaborations signal serious business growth plans.
  • Transparency — Regular updates build trust and community.

Envisioning a New Era of NFT Finance

Our integration with Azra Games is a bold step into the future of NFT lending. As we keep innovating, their inclusion represents a more open and dynamic ecosystem.

This alliance signals that web3 gaming is ready for takeoff.

By supporting Azra NFTs, we provide essential liquidity that gamers and guilds will increasingly demand.

NFT utility now extends far beyond gaming as key economic assets. As the landscape changes, we’re positioned at the frontier, ready to serve the liquidity needs of tomorrow’s guilds.

The doors are wide open, and the future is bright. Let’s explore it together.

Stay legendary,

The Unlockd team.




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