Ecoboy locks in with Unlockd: welcome our first Brand Ambassador

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gm Unlockd community! We’ve got some fantastic news to share.

On September 21, 2023, we officially welcomed Ecoboy as our first Brand Ambassador, and we’re absolutely stoked about it.

In this blog post, we’ll dig into why Ecoboy decided to join forces with Unlockd and what this partnership means for all of us in the NFT world.

Ecoboy’s Background in NFT Lending

Ecoboy has been around the block a few times in the NFT world, but there’s always something new on the horizon. His knack for spotting the next big thing and his ever-watchful eye on the buzzing NFT market have made him a well-known name in the space. He’s seen what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, where the opportunities lie.

If you’re into NFT loans, you’ve probably heard about him.

He’s been in it, made notable plays, and most importantly, moved serious volume — over 3,000 ETH in borrows to be exact. This isn’t just trading, but strategic lending and borrowing in the buzzing beehive of NFT finance, particularly in collections like Lazy Lions, Quirkies, Lil Penguins and Wolf Game.

His past work has not just been about making smart moves but also helping others navigate through the often choppy waters of NFT lending. With a track record of not just following, but shaping trends, Ecoboy has his finger firmly on the pulse of the market, having also found his own successful NFT collection.

So here we are, Ecoboy and Unlockd, gearing up for a ride into the future of NFTs. Buckle up, because with a powerhouse like Ecoboy on our side, we’re not just playing the game. We’re aiming to redefine it.

Before hitching his wagon with us at Unlockd, Ecoboy’s been an ambassador, a guide, and a heavy hitter for other NFT finance projects.

So, what brought him into our corner at Unlockd?

Unlockd’s Platform: What Caught Ecoboy’s Eye

Ecoboy took a deep dive into our platform and found several standout features that really got his attention:

  • Peer-To-Pool Model: Our Peer-To-Pool lending approach simplifies borrowing by eliminating the need to wait for offers. It’s a smoother and more user-friendly process compared to traditional peer-to-peer lending.
  • Unique Marketplace: Unlockd’s marketplace allows users to list or auction their NFTs, even when they have active loans. This means buyers can find desirable NFTs at potentially lower prices, while sellers can transfer their loan obligation along with the NFT.
  • Solid Security: We take security seriously. Our smart contracts have undergone thorough security audits by Halborn, a respected security firm. Plus, our open-source code promotes transparency and trust.
  • Preserving NFT Value: We’re developing a ‘True Ownership’ feature that lets borrowers keep the full value of their NFTs while using them as collateral. This means they can still enjoy perks like potential drops and other advantages.
  • Generous Loan-To-Value Ratio: Unlockd’s risk model offers one of the highest Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratios in the market, making it an attractive choice for borrowers.
  • Cross-Chain Compatibility: We’re planning to support cross-chain functionality in the future, allowing users to use NFTs from different blockchains as collateral for loans.

Ecoboy was genuinely impressed with these features, and he saw the potential for Unlockd to revolutionize NFT finance, just like other important players in the NFT lending space.

We build, Ecoboy communicates.

Beyond the features, what sealed the deal for Ecoboy was our shared vision. Both Unlockd and Ecoboy are passionate about pushing the boundaries of NFT finance and delivering innovative solutions.

It’s not about shilling, it’s about sharing real value. We teamed up because we trust his voice, and he believes in our product.

Ecoboy isn’t just a big name; he’s a stamp of approval in the NFT community. When he speaks, people listen, because he’s spent time building not just transactions, but trust. His word carries weight because it’s built on a solid foundation of smart plays and real talk in the NFT space.

It’s more than just tweets and trades. It’s about respect earned from the community through consistent, clear, and honest communication. He’s not here to sell — he’s here to share, to guide, and to lead in a space where genuine leadership can be hard to find.

When Ecoboy gives the nod to something, it’s recognized. It’s a signal flaring across the NFT space, saying, “This is worth your attention.” So, our partnership isn’t a marketing play, but a melding of mutual respect and shared vision.

In aligning with Unlockd, Ecoboy isn’t just validating our technology or platform: he’s validating our vision, our team, and our path forward.

What ‘s Next?

With Ecoboy on board as our Brand Ambassador and Advisor, Unlockd is gearing up for even more growth and innovation.

This partnership brings together expertise, experience, and a drive to advance the NFT finance ecosystem.

Our upcoming V2, slated to launch in the coming months, promises to offer even more utility for NFTs, and Ecoboy’s influence, network and insights will undoubtedly play a vital role in shaping its success.

Be part of shaping the future of NFT lending, you’re invited to check out Unlockd website today. Take action now and help redefine how NFT lending works, making it more accessible and fair for everyone.

Here you can check full AMA in which we introduced Ecoboy to the community:

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