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Here’s a deep dive on our newest supported collection

5 min readOct 26, 2023

gm Unlockd community! Another week, another piece of good news!

You already know that Unlockd stands out as the NFT lending platform that supports most NFT collections, right?

Well, we’ve added a new one: Parallel Avatars.

Parallel is one of our favorite collections, redefining the future of Blockchain Gaming, it is one of the best games that our Guild Partners, holders and community have recommended.

Let’s dive in 👇

What is Parallel?

Parallel is an innovative trading card game (TCG) experience that blends the fun of traditional games with blockchain technology and NFTs.

Built by one of the most professional teams in the industry, with over 20 developers, Parallel was co-founded by Kalos and MrGone, two of the pioneers in the Blockchain Gaming space. This exciting game transports players to a sci-fiction universe where they encounter five distinct factions, each represented by unique NFTs.

The true revolution of Parallel lies in the ownership of digital assets. Unlike other games where players acquire virtual cards without a real sense of ownership, Parallel allows players to be real owners of their in-game cards and items.

While there are many NFT-powered TCGs on the market, Parallel stands out from the crowd thanks to its stunning 3D graphics, a variety of factions, and complex tactical gameplay.

The addition of the “Parallel Avatars” collection to Unlockd opens up new opportunities for NFT enthusiasts and trading card game lovers.

Parallel NFTs: A Multifaceted Digital Universe

Parallel NFTs are groundbreaking additions to NFTs within the Parallel Universe. They encompass two primary categories: Cards and Avatars.

Parallel Cards serve as the linchpin, acting as the foundation for a trading card game. Each card is an NFT with unique attributes, affecting gameplay outcomes. Players truly own these cards and can trade or sell them. New cards are regularly released, enriching gameplay depth.

Parallel Avatars represent the five factions in the Parallel Universe. These grant advantages in the Parallel Trading Card Game and priority access to future experiences. The collection is in high demand, reflecting enthusiasm among collectors and players.

Check collection on Opensea.

In summary, Parallel NFTs offer a unique experience. Whether collecting Parallel Cards or gaining in-game advantages with Parallel Avatars, they add depth to the ever-expanding world of Parallel.

Unlockd recognizes the value of Avatars, integrating them into their ecosystem for borrowing, showcasing the dynamic nature of the NFT market and its multifaceted utility.

Why Unlockd Supports Parallel Avatars?

Unlockd’s support for Parallel is part of our bigger Blockchain Gaming focus, we are bullish about the future of NFTs and Gaming, and believe that Parallel has the key ingredients to become a very successful game:

  • Innovative Gameplay: Parallel offers a unique gaming experience by combining elements of a trading card game (TCG) with blockchain technology.
  • Community Engagement: Parallel has attracted a dedicated and active community. During its closed beta, over 100,000 games were played in under a month, indicating strong player engagement and interest.
  • Diverse Portfolio: Parallel Studios, the developer behind Parallel, isn’t limited to one game. They are actively working on various innovative games, including Colony and What The Funge, providing a diverse range of gaming experiences.
  • Unique Tokenomics: Parallel’s use of the PRIME token within its TCG introduces innovative tokenomics, offering gameplay incentives, rewards, and governance features. These are designed to maintain low inflation and ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Proven Revenue Potential: Games like Magic: the Gathering Arena and Hearthstone generate substantial revenue, showcasing the potential for Parallel TCG to become a successful and profitable game.
  • Strong Development and Funding: Parallel TCG has been in development for two years and has raised over $50 million in funding, indicating a well-supported and well-developed project with a valuation of $500 million.
  • Unique NFT Integration: The game’s NFTs have done over $225 million in volume on secondary markets, highlighting the appeal of NFT integration in the gaming industry.
  • Strong Team and Partnerships: The project boasts a motivated and well-financed team and has secured strong partnerships like Coinbase/Base L2 and Steam.

In summary, Unlockd’s decision to include Parallel on its platform is based on the game’s creativity, its potential in the NFT gaming world, and their shared vision for the future of GameFi.

How to use Your Parallel NFT Avatars to borrow using Unlockd: Step by Step

If you own Parallel NFT Avatars and want to lend them on Unlockd to leverage their value, here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Access the Unlockd Platform

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet

  • Connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the platform to enable secure transactions and access to your assets.

Step 3: Specify the Loan Amount and Borrow

  • In the “Borrow” section of the platform, specify the exact amount you wish to borrow. This amount is usually determined based on the collateral’s value and platform lending terms.

And that’s it. Step right into the Discord community and proudly share your achievement — the whole gang is waiting to give you a warm virtual hug!

Why GameFi Has a Bright Future

Parallel’s recent entry into Steam happened shortly after the launch of My Pet Hooligans (Unlockd supports both collections).

These two events are important steps in building trust among players and investors for web3 games.

Here are another 5 reasons why at Unlockd, we believe that web3 games have a huge future:

  • Huge Market Potential: GameFi combines gaming and finance, making it an exciting new frontier that can attract gamers, investors, and tech enthusiasts. It’s like gaming with money-making potential.
  • Empowering Players: GameFi gives gamers more control. They truly own in-game items, and this is a big deal. It means they can trade, sell, or even lend their game stuff.
  • Money-Making Opportunities: GameFi lets gamers earn money while they play. They can collect tokens, lend out their items, and even grow their income with things like yield farming. Gaming can be a source of real income.
  • Innovation and Growth: GameFi is all about new ideas. Unlockd’s partnerships bring in fresh projects and innovation, helping the ecosystem grow and evolve.
  • Community Building: GameFi is about people coming together. Unlockd’s role in forming partnerships and enabling lending activities brings gamers and financial enthusiasts closer, working toward common goals.

In simple terms, GameFi is turning gaming into a money-making and more engaging experience.

Unlockd, with its unique approach, is helping gamers and guilds get liquidity from their in-game items and driving the growth of this exciting new space.

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