Introducing The Lockeys Forum: community governance and exclusive alpha sessions.

Where bright binds converge and ideas take flight.

4 min readOct 19


The winds of change are blowing through the halls of The Lockeys.

After a period of focus in developing the technology and designing our go-to-market strategy, we are reigniting the flames of community and bringing our holders together once more.

For months, we’ve been laying the groundwork to reengage our loyal Lockeys family. With new governance proposals (UIPs), exclusive community events, sleek giveaways and raffles and more perks for holders, we’re building an environment where conversations flow freely and ideas take flight.

Momentum is steadily building as more voices join the chorus and holders start vibing with us.

But this is only the beginning.

To double down on this bet on the future of The Lockeys community, we’re introducing our new community meetup format:

The Lockeys Forum, a place to brainstorm ideas, contribute to the development of Unlockd and get alpha that you won’t find almost anywhere else.

Save your spot and set a reminder here:

Channeling the spirit of the Roman Forum

In ancient Rome, the Forum was the beating heart of the city — a place where people gathered to discuss ideas, make decisions, and shape their shared future. More than just a town square, it was the foundation of Rome’s republic — a space for civic discourse that gave rise to their system of governance.

Orators would stand before gathered crowds and give impassioned speeches on the issues of the day. New laws and policies were debated with reason and rhetoric. Politicians solicited public opinion to guide their decision making.

The Forum was where Rome’s greatest minds converged.

Surrounded by temples and monuments, they would ponder philosophy and plot new innovations. Even in darkness, the Forum remained alight with possibility — much like blockchain shines as a beacon for new paradigms today.

We are channeling that spirit by launching The Lockeys Forum, a new monthly event exclusive to our NFT holders.

Like the Roman Forum, The Lockeys Forum will be a place for open discussion and collective governance.

But we’re taking it a step further — offering our community exclusive alpha sessions with industry experts to unlock insights and opportunities not found anywhere else.

The Inaugural Lockeys Forum — Governance discussion and a masterclass on RWAs

The first edition of The Lockeys Forum will be held on Wednesday, October 25th at 3PM CEST in our Discord server.

Save your spot and set a reminder here: [LINK]

We’ll kick off with an open discussion on Unlockd’s progress and a chance for holders to provide feedback. We’ll talk specifically about UIP-3 and the 5 collections proposed as new collateral options.

Holders will have the chance to propose additional collections for future consideration as well as hear how we evaluate fitness using our proprietary risk framework.

Then, our Co-Founder Jorge Schnura will lead an exclusive alpha session on real world assets (RWAs).

As CEO of Turing Capital and Turing Consulting and Bitcoin investor since 2012, Jorge is a crypto expert with incredible expertise on RWAs.

He’ll deliver a masterclass covering:

  • What are RWAs and where does this trend come from?
  • Why are RWAs important and relevant today?
  • Where’s the RWA industry headed to and how can it kickstart the next bull market?
  • Overview of major RWA projects making waves

This is truly insider knowledge you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re a DeFi degen or crypto newbie, you’ll gain insight into a crucial emerging sector of blockchain.

You just can’t miss it.

The potential value for our loyal Lockeys community is immense. And that’s just the beginning.

Each month, we’ll line up special guests to illuminate key topics and trends for our holders. Speakers and industry leaders that usually don’t lecture about what they know. But you will have access to them.

Imagine converging with blockchain’s greatest minds, surrounded digitally by fellow Lockeys holders.

The value for our loyal community will be immense.

Don’t have a Lockey yet? Grab one on OpenSea before the first Forum session and join us for these exclusive insights.

Save your spot for The Lockeys Forum #1 and set a reminder here:




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