New ecosystem partner: DeeLance

3 min readAug 1


We’re thrilled to share a game-changing partnership between Unlockd and DeeLance that’s set to redefine the freelancing landscape: using the power of Web3 and blockchain technology, we’re bringing a fresh approach to how freelancers and clients connect within the Metaverse.

Imagine a decentralized platform that’s fast, dynamic, and focused on community. That’s what DeeLance brings to the table in our fast-paced freelance world. But Deelance doesn’t stop there. It offers an NFT Subscription Model that lets freelancers turn their work into non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The result? Secure and reliable ownership transfers of freelance work, creating an exciting ecosystem for everyone involved.

In addition, DeeLance features an NFT marketplace where unique digital assets can be bought, sold, and traded using $DLANCE tokens. This is not just a marketplace; it’s a social hub, adding an extra layer of engagement to an already vibrant community.

And now, Unlockd will integrate its NFT-backed lending solutions directly into the NFT marketplace, enhancing the financial power of DeeLance users and driving protocol usage thanks to this community.

This partnership doesn’t just benefit DeeLance and Unlockd — it has the potential to bring a fresh wave of innovation, empowerment, and financial inclusivity to the freelance industry as a whole.

NFT finance working hand in hand with freelancing

On the Unlockd side, we’re dedicated to helping the NFT community unlock liquidity without sacrificing their digital assets’ utility. We offer users the chance to participate as depositors or borrowers.

With our algorithmic appraisal mechanism, which uses machine learning and historical sales data, each NFT is valued individually, ensuring accurate pricing and an efficient, liquid market.

And we take security seriously at Unlockd: we’ve developed a robust risk framework that uses mathematical models to prevent liquidity crunches and insolvencies. This gives our users peace of mind throughout the borrowing process.

Through our integration with the Deelance NFT marketplace, Unlockd is carving out a new path for freelancers. They can now leverage their unique digital assets, NFTs, to access immediate loans, all while keeping them secure and being able to access to their utility.

And there’s more. This added liquidity does not simply serve as a financial safety net. Instead, it empowers freelancers in ways not previously possible. It equips them with the necessary resources to scale new professional heights, possibly by investing in better tools or expanding their skill sets. Plus, it opens the doors to new investment opportunities within the dynamic world of freelancing.

This way, Unlockd and Deelance are coming together to catalyze a strong blend of creativity, financial freedom, and business growth for freelancers.

But this is just the beginning. What really excites us is what lies ahead. Together, we’re not only integrating our platforms, but we’re also kicking off joint marketing activities to drive awareness and adoption. We believe that the power of our partnership is magnified when more people understand and engage with it.

So, we’re joining forces on a series of educational initiatives designed to help our communities understand this new paradigm better. These activities will bring clarity, answer questions, and help everyone, freelancers and clients alike, navigate this new landscape with ease and confidence.

Stay tuned!

About Unlockd:

Unlockd is a revolutionary NFT lending protocol that allows users to borrow against NFTs with instant, permissionless loans. It provides liquidity without selling valuable assets, with low interest rates and no fees. Collectors, gamers, investors, DAOs, and guilds can improve portfolio efficiency and stay liquid to explore new opportunities.

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About Deelance:

Deelance reshapes freelancing using Web3 and blockchain. It connects freelancers and clients in a decentralized, secure ecosystem. With the NFT Subscription Model, freelancers tokenize their work for secure ownership transfer. The NFT marketplace, powered by $DLANCE tokens, enhances engagement and community.

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Unlockd allows users, DAOs, investors, gamers and guilds to earn yield and borrow against their NFTs with the safest instant loans, keeping all the NFT utility.