New ecosystem partner: One World Nation

Unlockd, the protocol that allows you to maximize the return on your NFTs with an NFT-backed instant loan holder keeping perks, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with One World Nation, a blockchain-based Play-To-Earn gaming platform, a world where your favorite cryptocurrencies come to life.

One World Nation (OWN) is a gaming Cryptoverse set on a planet called Crypton. Imagine if Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc were represented by a Warrior — Cryptonite. Every Cryptonite has a backstory, an aspiration, and a reason for existing.

At OWN, they are on a mission to onboard 1 BILLION USERS into crypto via gamification of the crypto ecosystem: people can play fun games around crypto markets, earn many rewards, and learn more about crypto during this process.

We are going to see large-scale consumerization of blockchain and crypto use cases in the future. More people will want to use Web3 products and start their crypto journey. OWN and Unlockd share the goal of facilitating this change in consumer behavior and accelerating the transition through access to liquidity.

Through this partnership, we want to target investors and players that want to get involved in both gaming, DeFi and finance funding further. We believe that as investing is important to players, we have to involve the whole layer of crypto markets and partner with fun games building around it.

One World Nation and Unlockd are working to onboard millions of players into GameFi

Web3 technology today is still very new and disruptive, feels like the internet in the 90s. We all spend many hours explaining the Crypto ecosystem to our colleagues, friends, and family, and it is quite hard! Native crypto concepts like DeFi, wallets, APY, etc are not very intuitive for people.

So, for a new user, the crypto journey becomes too overwhelming, even intimidating, and they find the UX really complicated, one of our main objetives at Unlockd is developing the most intuitive, slick and easy to use Protocol, and we have invested heavily on our Front End and UI.

As blockchain enters the new era of the metaverse, gamification in areas such as commerce and the metaverse is imminent. GameFi has taken the blockchain world by storm, primarily within the emerging Web3 technologies.

At Unlockd, we want to become one of the catalysts for the growth of this industry. We are on a very ambitious path of leveraging Web3 technology and creating consumer-centric use cases around NFT lending. So, there is a long way to go and the party has just begun — accompanied by our new partners, OWN.

In addition to having a team of more than 15 expert professionals in the area, OWN will leverage the industry expertise of Polygon Studios, which helps develop the Polygon ecosystem and works with some of the world’s most popular blockchain projects, as well as top companies in major industries.

The Polygon Studios team will support OWN with a variety of services, including technical solutions, distribution, asset expansion, industry resources, branding, and more, as well as business development, marketing, and strategy support.

A recent report from The Times of India found that cryptocurrency and blockchain startups in the country raised a record $524 million in 2021 versus just $5.5 million in 2019.

While space is growing, OWN is exploring quite a bit of territory unknown in cryptography, that is, to gamify their understanding and leverage rewards to build the behavior.

The entire crypto ecosystem is at a nascent stage in India; however, OWN claims to be building a platform where people can enjoy games that would help spread the word and educate people about the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

With this collaboration, OWN players can take advantage of Unlockd’s tools during our beta phase and become early adopters and pioneers of the new NFT-backed financial paradigm. We think about this as a long term partnership and will continue building the tools and solutions to allow everyone in the OWN ecosystem to borrow using their NFTs as collateral.

About Unlockd

Unlockd is the decentralized cross-chain protocol that provides democratized NFT liquidity and utility for Gaming, Art, Metaverse and DeFi digital assets. Unlockd provides instant NFT-backed loans and enables seamless cross-chain borrowing and lending. With Unlockd, borrowers can maximize the return on their NFTs keeping the utility of their collateral, and lenders can earn high yields providing liquidity to our pools.

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About One World Nation

OWN is a blockchain-based money-making gaming platform. On the OWN platform, crypto currencies come to life as NFT characters and NFT owners can play games linked to the crypto market and earn daily rewards. OWN has raised funding from Polygon Studios, Indigg, Better Capital, Cloud Capital and many other angel investors.

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