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4 min readJan 26, 2023


Unlockd, the protocol that provides instant, safe loans against your NFTs, keeping all their utility, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Orium Network, a platform, and protocol that allows guilds and community members to share the profits derived from NFTs.

The Orium platform allows guilds to set up scholarships, monitor performance, and distribute rewards automatically among ecosystem participants. This aligns with Unlockd’s vision of improving efficiency in the NFT market.

The Orium Network is also becoming very community-focused via governance; they have launched their $ORIUM token, allowing holders to govern the full DAO and treasury.

As blockchain gaming guilds grew with the ascent of Play-to-Earn games, the demand for management tools and software that could improve performance skyrocketed. Managing a guild is very demanding, and owners should have a very good understanding of blockchain technology, investments, and the games they wish to support.

One of the toughest aspects of managing guilds is identifying the right solutions that can scale as the number of players and NFTs grow.

Many of our large guild partners have to manage a portfolio of thousands and eventually hundreds of thousands of NFTs wisely to make the right investment decisions and generate strong returns together with their players and scholars.

The system of scholarships also requires different permits, accounts, and tools; multiple scholarship accounts and tiers need to be managed and loaded with tokens and NFTs. Active monitoring is required to properly monetize the investment made in the NFTs they use.

Orium Network aims to solve all these difficulties and problems, limiting the technical knowledge needed to run a guild and providing the right tools for guild owners to scale their operations smoothly.

At Unlockd, we are aligned with this vision, and we are actively developing features to provide them with seamless access to liquidity.

This partnership allows us to pilot together some of our upcoming features, like enabling multi-collateral so they can easily drag and drop dozens of NFTs getting instant loans. Adapting our solution to these use cases will help drive adoption and reduce the opportunity cost of owning NFTs.

Orium Network and Unlockd building the infrastructure to level up guilds

Through this partnership, Unlockd will support Orium Network in obtaining access to additional capital while its users maintain ownership of their NFTs to expand and capture other opportunities: diversifying their crypto portfolio, buying more NFTs, expanding their scholarships, and leveraging their operations.

Orium Network users will benefit from the Unlockd protocol to improve the efficiency of their portfolios, preserve their capital and stay liquid to invest in new opportunities or cover unexpected expenses.

The Orium Protocol will enable the formation of decentralized guilds, with multiple financial and governance features built on top of blockchain smart contracts. Decentralized guilds will allow investors to pool assets and collectively invest in tokens and NFTs, lending their assets to existing DeFi protocols and community members.

Unlockd wants to be part of this ecosystem — this is why we focus on integrations and commercial partnerships to enable all types of users.

We believe that the seamless integration of the different parts that make up the Orium Network will enable highly innovative services in the space. There are significant opportunities for NFT-backed lending integrations into their launchpad, marketplace, and data platform.

One of their most exciting verticals is the Orium Marketplace, a section where guilds and investors can trade their NFTs and even get scholarships. The Orium Marketplace will allow new guilds to learn from others and buy some of their assets to start their business.

On top of this, the Orium Platform also leverages data and provides analytics, with dedicated scorecards for players, collections, and guilds. These scorecards will measure performance based on all the games they play, providing a clear efficiency comparison that enables better decision-making.

Some of these services provided by the Orium Network are already being extensively tested by the Orium Guild, which gives them an edge and allows them to build with the user priorities in mind. In the last six months, they have grown it to become one of the largest guilds in Brazil, with more than 1,000 active scholars playing daily.

At Unlockd, we are partnering with guilds from all over the world to bring together a great community of passionate people about the possibilities that Web 3 offers.

We are taking the first steps of a growing ecosystem. Mass adoption will come.

Together with Orium Network, we intend to help more people learn how to generate income, thanks to the intersection between NFTs and DeFi.

This collaboration encourages both communities to keep exploring the opportunities that blockchain technology presents, always keeping the needs of our users in mind.

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About Orium Network

The Orium Network is a platform and protocol that allows guilds and community members to share the profits derived from NFTs.

Orium Network’s mission is to facilitate NFT (Profit Sharing Rentals) scholarships between players and guilds. Games are drawing millions of people to web3, and the Orium Network is helping game developers and guilds scale.

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