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Unlockd, the protocol that allows you to maximize the return on your NFTs with an NFT-backed instant loan keeping holder perks, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Social Games, a video games Multiverse with different themed Worlds called Microverses, born with the purpose of offering fun games and healthy competition to win all kind of prizes.

Social Games started 2 years ago with the idea of doing a video games platform. Then, it was transformed into a cross-game NFTs platform and now is a big project that just started with Cybercity, their first World and 3 games: District Raids, which is a strategic game; Sumo Race, a fun racing game with obstacles; and Paintball Arena, which is its most famous title, an FPS game.

Within each themed World (Microverse) different buildings provide in-game services and collections of NFTs that can be used in them. These collections have different rarities being the Limited Edition the most exclusive. As this Limited Edition NFT series can be very expensive, they are preparing lending services from the Cybercity Bank, located in their first themed Microverse so everyone can access them.

Unlockd can help manage the risks and hedging, plus backing up the demand with the necessary liquidity. This requires a specific professional service, and that’s why Unlockd is the ideal partner for this management.

Unlockd x Social Games: New worlds with better opportunities

The video game industry has not stopped growing and is expected to do the same in the future.

Many gamers are now able to make recurring revenue because of Web3 and the Metaverse. The GameFi model is gaining popularity due to the benefits it offers to users — that’s why platforms like Social games are a fantastic fit for our plan to give players additional opportunities.

Social Games is much more social than the other Web3 games because they incorporate the possibility of creating clubs, having video calls without third-party programs with your friends or guilds, and virtual professions (VPL).

In their Metaverse, there are no “NPCs”. All players can get involved in all the in-game roles for correct performance. That’s why they have created virtual professions (VPL NFTs) that enable players to offer services to the rest of the gamers. The VPLs are managed directly by the players who offer services to other players through their “Workers” NFTs, generating funnier experiences, new interactions, and a high volume of transactions — while generating a passive income for their owners.

In web2, in-game characters and objects could only be found on centralized servers that were run by the game developer.

Web3 transforms content into user-owned property.

We believe that NFT loans will become an integral part of this new ecosystem and improve industry efficiency, allowing even unbanked people to borrow against their favorite P2E collections at much lower rates than they would be able to find in the traditional financial markets.

Unlockd is pleased to be associated with a project that is supported by a strong team of industry experts: Twenty people are working to create a space where players can reach their full potential.

The project CEO, Carles Pons, is constantly pushing them forward and this partnership with Unlockd is just proof of their motivation:

“Social Games is trying to make a one-stop Metaverse for all gamers and guilds alike. We are heavily focusing on the “Social” and “fun” as we think that’s the most important part.”

Unlockd shares the vision of taking the GameFi model to the next level, driving economic gamification as a means of financial education and inclusion.

With the help of Social Games and the other partnerships we have been securing, we intend to establish ourselves as the market leader in the NFT lending sector.

About Unlockd

Unlockd is the decentralized cross-chain protocol that provides democratized NFT liquidity and utility for Gaming, Art, Metaverse and DeFi digital assets.

Unlockd provides instant NFT-backed loans and enables seamless cross-chain borrowing and lending. With Unlockd, borrowers can maximize the return on their NFTs keeping the utility of their collateral, and lenders can earn high yields providing liquidity to our pools.

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About Social Games

Social Games is a video games Multiverse with different themed Worlds called Microverses, born with the purpose of offering fun games and healthy competition to win all kinds of prizes. A place where people can socialize and have fun playing games with their friends while at the same time being economically rewarded.

The platform uses the play-to-earn model to reward its users and is running on the Polygon blockchain to support NFTs creation and token emissions.

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Unlockd allows users, DAOs, investors, gamers and guilds to earn yield and borrow against their NFTs with the safest instant loans, keeping all the NFT utility.

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