New guild partner: Huru Gaming

5 min readFeb 15, 2023

Unlockd, the protocol that allows you to maximize the performance of your NFTs with an instant loan backed by NFTs, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Huru Gaming, a leading competitive gaming guild based in Barcelona.

At Huru Gaming, they have quickly established themselves as key players in the space by focusing on high-quality breeding, developing their own training programs, and creating exciting content. They have been able to develop a strong set of pro players and compete across the most important Axie Tournaments.

Founded by Bernat and Alex, the vision for Huru has evolved from the initial focus on scholarships to a competitive blockchain gaming powerhouse. They have built a strong community of over 4,000 people anchored around professional players and coaches that participate in multiple leagues and tournaments. Its competitive Esports team is already a benchmark for Spanish-speaking players, and is also a recognized brand in the web3 community.

Huru Gaming’s mission is to be a gateway for players to discover the advantages of combining blockchain and video games, and to position itself as a benchmark in the web3 gaming sector, taking advantage of the business opportunities offered by web3 games and onboarding some of the best players out there into the blockchain ecosystem.

Leveraging content creators to grow their community

The guild not only offers training and resources to improve player skills but also creates content and tools to empower its community in web3 gaming and the use of blockchain. They want to target the content so that their audience enjoys the highest level of competition and has the tools to improve. They have a very powerful brand across Spanish-speaking countries and will continue expanding into new games to provide better opportunities.

The partnership between Unlockd and Huru Gaming will bring together the expertise of both organizations to boost liquidity and onboard more players into Web3. Unlockd’s transparent, safe, decentralized, and community-driven approach will complement Huru Gaming’s mission of providing optimal conditions and resources for its players and creating content and tools to empower its community in web3 gaming and the use of the blockchain.

Unlockd will provide NFT liquidity and offer instant NFT-backed lending, which allows Huru Gaming to scale efficiently while keeping 100% of the utility of the NFTs they hold. This will be critical to support Huru Gaming’s expansion into new promising games.

With Unlockd, Huru Gaming will be able to access additional liquidity for its assets and scale its operations, buying better assets for its players and having adequate resources for becoming superior in important tournaments.

Unleashing the potential of Web3 games in South America

Digital gaming has gained popularity in Latin America in recent years due to various factors, such as the growth of mobile gaming, the popularity of live-streaming platforms, and the rise of esports. The gaming market in Latin America is expected to reach $3.6 billion in 2023 alone, offering great opportunities in the region.

Latin America is likely to embrace web3 gaming due to its potential to democratize the gaming industry, allowing for more financial inclusion opportunities for players. We have partnered with some key blockchain projects that are driving adoption in the region, and we believe that there will be an entire generation's leap-frogging and onboarding directly into the blockchain — avoiding outdated technologies like TradFi.

We know that the use of blockchain technology in gaming opens up new possibilities for gamers to gain real-world value through in-game activities and the exchange of in-game assets. This can be particularly beneficial for players in regions where access to traditional financial opportunities may be limited.

Huru Gaming can help achieve this by providing a comprehensive and accessible portal for Latin American gamers to learn about and participate in web3 gaming. They provide training and resources for players to improve their skills and understand the benefits of web3 gaming and build a community to share, learn and reinforce knowledge.

In Q4 2022, Huru Gaming won over $10,000 in prizes, and with the help of Unlockd, they intend to increase this amount in the future. They look for the best travel companions to achieve their competitive objectives, which is why they only close agreements with web3 game developers where they can replicate their model.

Unlockd’s platform will allow them to access liquidity and finance their operations in a more efficient manner, allowing them to focus on what they do best: creating a fun, engaging, and financially rewarding gaming experience for players.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Huru Gaming and Unlockd, and we invite all players to join us on this journey.

Huru Gaming has joined our Key Supporters program with our NFT genesis collection

Huru Gaming has received a significant number of The Lockeys key supporter NFTs, Unlockd’s genesis collection of NFTs.

These NFTs from the collection will grant them early access to the protocol mainnet — as well as testing all beta features.

One of our limited Key Supporters The Lockeys NFTs

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About Huru Gaming

Huru Gaming is a leading competitive gaming guild based in Barcelona. They have quickly established themselves as a key player in the space by focusing on high-quality breeding, developing their own training and creating exciting content.

They have been able to develop a strong set of pro players and compete across the most important Axie Tournaments.

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