New guild partner: OneSnap Esports

4 min readDec 5, 2022


Unlockd, the protocol that allows you to maximize the return on your NFTs with an NFT-backed instant loan keeping holder perks, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with OneSnap Esports, a GameFi guild that nurtures and supports aspiring pro players to success.

OneSnap Esports was founded by Kaisaya, a reputed influencer in the GameFi industry. The community is currently active in games like Thetan Arena and League of Legends. The Web3 Guild division of OneSnap Esports is unique on its own, as it focuses on web3 games that deliver fun, quality, and competitive aspects.

Gamers sometimes come and go. As some do it for fun and just part-time, we can’t always expect them to be playing all their life. With this partnership, Unlockd will help inactive players extract liquidity from the gaming NFTs that they won’t be using for some time until they feel like gaming again — giving room to take other opportunities without selling those NFTs.

Unlockd will unlock democratized NFT liquidity allowing OneSnap Esports users to optimize the efficiency of their NFT portfolios with an NFT-backed, cross-chain, instant loan maintaining 100% of the utility of the NFTs.

As a web3 guild focusing its search on quality, competitive web3 games, that’s still what OneSnap Esports will do. At the same time, just like what they do in the web2 esports scene, they will continue to nurture gamers to be professionally ready in the esports aspect of web3 games. And the extra liquidity will help them expand operations in a sustainable way.

Unlockd keeps turning its attention to Asia.

The Philippines has a thriving online gaming business, with revenues increasing exponentially. In Southeast Asia, gaming has become more popular, particularly among the younger population, whether on consoles, mobile devices, or personal computers.

At Unlockd, we are proud to be part of the Crypto PH community, having a strong set of advisors and partners like Gabby Dizon, Colin Goltra, BreederDAO, YGG, Playdex and Real Deal Guild. We are impressed by the quality of NFT Infrastructure and Blockchain Gaming projects being built in the country and will continue participating and supporting all the conferences and community activities like the recent PHWeb3Festival.

Our Co-Founder joined the 3 day PH Web3 Festival and spoke at a panel with top NFT Infrastructure projects

For a very long time, there have been gaming guilds. In the past, these groups have been made up of gamers who share a common culture and enjoy playing video games together. Now, each player guild will be able to benefit from using blockchain technology to make money doing what they love.

If MMORPG guilds were the original form of clans and guilds, eSports teams represented the next stage in their development. With the help of play-to-win games, GameFi guilds are currently steering these gaming communities into their third stage.

Kaisaya has recognized the potential that web3 offers and created a community where everyone is rewarded thanks to her position as a player and her expertise in the gaming sector.

New web3 game creators should not forget why players want to play a particular game. There should be less focus on the earning aspect and more on why gamers choose this game. It’s for them to discover and go back to answer the why’s.

Em “Kaisaya” Dangla, OneSnap Esports Founder.

As the world transitions to the Web3 age, the relationship between influencers and their fans has irrevocably changed as followers transform into community members.

OneSnap Esports, under Kaisaya’s direction, aims to promote and support the global growth of the GameFi business. They also serve as a middleman by making it easier for most players to participate.

The GameFi sector is still bogged down by the high cost of entry and the lack of long-term economic viability. One of the biggest barriers is having access to liquidity.

We at Unlockd can proudly claim to be industry pioneers in the intersection of NFT loans with GameFi guilds.

The market opportunity in front of us encourages us to keep working with groups like OneSnap Esports with the ultimate aim of attracting more businesses and individuals to this revolutionary industry.

OneSnap has joined our Key Supporters program with our NFT genesis collection

OneSnap has received a significant number of The Lockeys key supporter NFTs, Unlockd’s genesis collection of NFTs.

These NFTs from the collection will grant them early access to the protocol mainnet — as well as testing all beta features.

One of our limited Key Supporters The Lockeys NFTs

Remember that you are still able to get your hands on an NFT that unlocks early access to mainnet and future features, boosted $UNLK rewards, private community events, The Sandbox custom skin, DAO governance participation, and much more!

Public Sale of The Lockeys is SOLD OUT. Get yours at marketplaces here.

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About OneSnap Esports

OneSnap Esports is a competitive esports team, founded by Kaisaya, currently active in Thetan Arena and League Of Legends.

Their mission is to educate and support aspiring professional gamers to achieve success while having fun playing P2P games.

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