New guild partnership: Kingz Guild Games

Unlockd, the decentralized, cross-chain protocol that provides NFT liquidity while keeping ownership perks, is thrilled to announce our partnership with Kingz Guild Games, a leading Philippines-based P2E guild.

KGG has built a strong community of over 30,000 members and has partnered with key projects like Rooster Wars, Quest Hub, and NFT11. They are home to hundreds of scholars, currently playing over a dozen games.

The KGG team is constantly sourcing new game partnerships, analyzing player performance, and educating players about the future of gaming. We are proud to work with such a talented crew of professionals who not only manage a successful guild, but are also able to provide us with valuable feedback to adapt our solutions to the market — particularly to the emerging #CryptoPH movement in the Philippines.

Despite the current decrease in earnings and some of the monetization challenges that the GameFi market is facing, Kingz Guild Games continues to build and innovate, constantly looking at new games and opportunities for their scholars, sharing new content daily and creating tutorials for the community.

A partnership to provide more and better opportunities

We at Unlockd share the need to educate the audience and lower the entry barriers for new gamers, just like Kingz Guild Games is doing. In addition, we are very focused on developing tools that really bring value to the new generation of gamers — and for this, it is essential to count on the expertise of a guild as established as KGG.

The right liquidity solutions can drive sustainability and growth, and Unlockd will provide KGG with the infrastructure to unlock the value of the NFTs they already own and which their scholars play with to provide additional capital to scale operations, through NFT-backed, instant loans.

KGG will receive genesis NFT collection pre-sale WL

On top of these benefits, Kingz Guild Games will also be given a substantial number of WL spots for the pre-sale of The Lockeys, Unlockd’s genesis collection of NFTs.

More info on The Lockeys launch coming soon!

Thanks to this opportunity, some lucky members of the KGG community will have exclusive access to the mint before it is open to the public, and will be able to get their hands on an NFT that unlocks early access to mainnet and future features, boosted $UNLK rewards, private community events, participation in DAO governance and much more!

Very soon we will have a joint AMA Session to explain the details of this collaboration and how Unlockd is becoming the main ally of GameFi guilds on their way to professionalization through sustainable growth.

Stay tuned to our socials!

About Unlockd

Unlockd is the decentralized cross-chain protocol that provides democratized NFT liquidity and utility for Art, DeFi, Metaverse, Real World and Gaming.

Unlockd provides instant loans and enables seamless cross-chain borrowing and lending, with Unlockd borrowers can compound their wealth with NFT-backed loans while maintaining 100% of ownership perks.

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About Kingz Guild Games

Kingz Guild Gamers is a very active Play-to-Earn guild, and NFT-based rewards, they operate a play-to-earn guild composed of seasoned esports and crypto professionals.

KGG also runs a media portal with articles about play-to-earn trends, gaming deep dives ( from gameplay to tokenomics), and podcasts about the crypto industry and investment opportunities

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