Pixelmon, Unlockd’s New Collection Supported.

Pixelmon Generation 1 NFT collection is now part of our family!

4 min readNov 23, 2023

This addition represents a major step forward in our goal to make NFT lending more inclusive and dynamic, reaching a wide range of communities in the NFT world.

At Unlockd, our mission is to simplify NFT finance, helping enthusiasts easily convert their digital assets into liquid funds. Welcoming Pixelmon into our ecosystem is a clear demonstration of our dedication to this goal.

Community at the Core

Our choice to bring Pixelmon into Unlockd was greatly influenced by the feedback and opinions from our active community. We place a high value on collective decision-making, a principle that is especially important in the decentralized realm of Web3.

By attuning ourselves to the voices of our community, we make sure that our platform grows and adapts in ways that truly align with what our users want and need.

Why Pixelmon?

With Pixelmon supported in the Unlockd platform, we’re eager to highlight the unique qualities that set this NFT collection apart as a symbol of resilience and innovation in the digital world:

  • Innovative Blend of Gaming and NFTs: Pixelmon is at the forefront of combining gaming with NFTs, offering a captivating virtual experience. This integration signals a new era in GameFi, where blockchain technology not only enhances gameplay but also enriches asset ownership.
  • Community Transformation and Strong Support: After overcoming initial hurdles, Pixelmon has experienced an extraordinary turnaround. This success, driven by Liquidxstudio and CEO GiulioXdotEth, has revitalized the community, reinstating their trust and enthusiasm. The community’s resurgence is a testament to the project’s resilience and future promise.
  • Artistic Evolution and Broad Appeal: Pixelmon has significantly upgraded its artwork, evolving from early pixelated designs to impressive 3D animations. This artistic progression has broadened its appeal, attracting both gaming enthusiasts and art collectors.
  • Focused Strategic Development: Pixelmon is dedicated to comprehensive game development and active community engagement. Its roadmap includes exciting developments like a Free-to-Play model, a game demo slated for Q3 2023, and a full game launch anticipated in early 2024, setting a strong foundation for growth.
  • Leadership with a Vision: The leadership transition has been pivotal in Pixelmon’s resurgence. CEO GiulioXdotEth’s extensive experience and clear vision have been instrumental in steering the project toward new heights. His leadership is characterized by forming strategic partnerships, maintaining financial stability, and committing to sharing profits with NFT holders.
  • Impressive Market Performance: Pixelmon’s NFTs have witnessed a remarkable 111% increase in floor price within 30 days, surpassing many well-known collections. This surge in market value reflects increasing investor confidence and interest in Pixelmon.

As Pixelmon integrates into the Unlockd ecosystem, these standout features not only underscore its unique position in the market but also align perfectly with our commitment to supporting innovative digital asset ventures.

Pixelmon’s Future

At Unlockd, we’re proud to support Pixelmon’s impressive journey, offering our users the chance to leverage this innovative NFT collection.

Pixelmon’s evolution from a project facing skepticism to a potential leader in Web3 gaming underscores the significance of adaptability and visionary leadership in the NFT sector.

Its success story is not just about the revival of a single project but reflects the maturing landscape of NFTs, where long-term value and innovation are increasingly paramount.

The Emergence of GameFi

By welcoming Pixelmon into the Unlockd ecosystem, we are not only diversifying our portfolio but also enhancing the opportunities for our users.

The integration of this new collection into our platform highlights a broader trend: The rapid rise of Web3 gaming and GameFi. These sectors are revolutionizing the gaming world by empowering players with true ownership of in-game assets and introducing innovative Play-to-Earn models. This shift offers real financial benefits, attracting a diverse audience and reshaping traditional gaming dynamics.

As Web3 games gain momentum, NFT lending services like Unlockd become increasingly valuable. Our platform enables players and guilds to leverage their digital assets for further investment in the gaming space without losing ownership. 👾

This fusion of gaming, finance, and blockchain technology is paving the way for a new era in digital entertainment, where players have more control and opportunities than ever before.

Always staying ahead of the game,

The Unlockd team.




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