The state of the crypto industry and The GameFi Renaissance

Check our thoughts. Lots of energy out there!

3 min readNov 17, 2023

gm, fellow followers!

We’re back from our travels and conferences and have lots of exciting updates to share.

How are things in crypto right now

Our Co-Founders, Jorge Schnura and Carlos Otermin, and our community teams crisscrossed oceans and time zones to connect with communities, represent Unlockd, and keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry.

Now that we’re back, unpacked, and recovered from jet lag, we’re ready to download all the juice we soaked up abroad.

So, what’s the state of play for web3 and where is it headed? This info will prepare you for the next bull market.

· Token2049 (Singapore)

Asia is accelerating fast into web3. East vs West collaboration will define the next era.

· Smartcon by Chainlink (Barcelona)

Exciting updates on Chainlink’s newest CCIP that facilitates cross-chain communication. It allows assets to move securely between chains while retaining composability. Check it out and DYOR!

· European Blockchain Convention (Barcelona)

Regulation and adoption are big focuses, but optimism is high.

· LaBitconf (Argentina)

LatAm is poised for major growth given the appetite for better financial services.

· Singapore Fintech Festival

Banks are urgently trying to figure out crypto strategies. Expect disruption and partnerships ahead.

· Game On! 2023 (Hong Kong)

Gaming is picking up in driving again mainstream web3 adoption. Creativity and community remain key.

Lots of energy out there but macro uncertainty remains.

We’ll keep bridging connections between East and West, normies and neckbeards, boomers and zoomers. Because community is what will carry us forward.

One thing is clear — builders gotta keep building! 🛠️

And we keep building the best NFT liquidity solutions to enable the most secure instant loans using any of your NFTs. Individual valuation and reduced risk of liquidation. You’ve got everything here. Check it out!

Unlockd is supporting the growth of the industry, which is faster each day.

That’s especially true in gaming, where we’re seeing a major revival…

The GameFi Rennaissance

After a period of slowed adoption, blockchain gaming is seeing a resurgence.

This momentum is propelled by fundamental shifts:

  • Compelling gameplay beyond basic P2E (studios that raised huge amounts of money are now focusing on good games)
  • Maturing tokenomics and sustainability models
  • Improved scalability as L2s gain traction
  • Mainstream brands exploring web3 gaming
  • Blockchain gaming infrastructure developing fast (Unlockd, for example, provides liquidity for gaming NFTs)
  • Regulatory clarity taking shape

As GameFi regains its mojo, the need for NFT liquidity will surge.

🔓 Players need funding and ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ tools to acquire assets. Guilds must optimize treasury management.

That’s where Unlockd comes in. Our NFT lending unlocks liquidity for gaming NFTs without requiring a sale.

We already support top collections like Parallel Avatars, Heroes of Mavia (Land), Otherside Kodas, and Pixelmon. Azra Games ‘The Hopeful’ is the latest addition.

For guilds and gamers, this means instant access to loans using NFTs as collateral. They get liquidity to acquire new assets without losing utility or community benefits.

As blockchain gaming evolves, we’ll continue serving as the go-to liquidity platform for players, collectors, and guilds. NFT finance is critical infrastructure that will fuel growth.

Let’s get this, fellas.

Your pals,
The Unlockd Team.




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