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Attention, connoisseurs of RWAs! On February 21st 2024, Unlockd is launching Testnet-V2 and with it, an exciting one-of-a-kind challenge to win a series of unique RWA-backed NFTs and rewards.

To reward our early supporters, who are helping us build the future of RWA lending, and to celebrate this exciting milestone in our journey, we have created an exclusive set of testnet missions. Complete the missions to earn a place in our weekly raffles, and you’ll be in with a chance of winning some highly sought-after onchain prizes, from tokenized luxury bags to a Swatch x Omega watch, and much much more.

Additional boosted rewards will also be available for our valued The Lockeys community!

The quicker you complete the missions, the more raffles you can join and the more prizes you can potentially win.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s everything you need to know to get involved from day 1 👇


The Legend of the Timekeepers’ Keys.

In the intricate tapestry of Unlockd’s universe, where the threads of time weave through the blockchain, a legend whispers — the tale of the Key Collection.

These are no ordinary keys; they are the Timekeepers’ Keys, imbued with the essence to unlock eras within the blockchain, fortifying the network’s integrity and ensuring the fluid continuity of time.

Each key embodies a core principle vital to the blockchain’s soul: Stability, Synchronization, Security, Scalability, Sovereignty, Sustainability, and Synergy, scattered across Unlockd’s vast testnet domain, concealed in realms that challenge the daring, waiting for the rightful Timekeepers.

Your job is to seize these keys swiftly, for their numbers are scarce, and they hold the promise of glory with exclusive prizes and RWA-backed NFTs on offer in return for the keys.

Getting Involved

This testnet phase marks the start of our community odyssey. To build the next generation of finance, accessible to everyone, we need your help. Here’s how:

Join Our Galxe campaign and complete 5 simple tasks as follows (Testnet V2 missions):

  • Mint & Take a loan against your Testnet NFTs:
    - Create an Unlockd Account & Supply Sepolia ETH
    - Supply Sepolia ETH to the Earn pools
    - Mint NFTs to your wallet
  • Make a partial or total repayment on your loan
    - Borrow more on an already active loan
    - Add or remove NFTs from your loan
  • Win an auction in the Marketplace and claim the asset
    - Bid on an asset in the Marketplace by paying full price for an asset
    - Bid on an asset in the Marketplace by using the Bid-Now-Pay-Later feature
  • Instant buy an asset from the Marketplace:
    - by paying full price
    - by financing partially with a Loan
  • List one asset from your loan’s collateral in the marketplace, as a listing or as an auction.

Community Rewards:
All participants are eligible to enter a raffle for RWA NFT Louis Vuitton and Gucci goods, 2 Omega watches and vintage Pokemon trading cards! Try your luck with Unlockd!

Calling all The Lockeys holders

Our holders are our most valuable community members, they have embraced our mission since day one and have been a strong support along the way.

That’s why all holders will receive double rewards.

On top of the public testnet rewards available to all, holders will also be able to participate in exclusive rewards’ raffles with prizes such as:

  • Early access to the testnet platform — on Monday 19th
  • Exclusive rewards just for you, in addition to the public ones, you’ll be able to get an exclusive raffle:
    - Exclusive trading cards for your collection
    - Luxury bag
    - An Omega Watch

If you are not yet a holder and want to embrace our mission, visit Opensea and grab yourself a Lockey NFT today; https://opensea.io/collection/the-lockeys

The Timeline

You’ve got two weeks, starting February 21st until the 6th of March (The Lockeys holders have 48h extra in advance), to dive in, discover, and collect all the keys. The faster you complete the tasks, the better your chances to win big. It’s a race against time, and the rewards are worth the hustle.

The Vision

The V2 Testnet Launch is an important milestone in unlocking $16T liquidity of RWAs by 2030. The only way to accomplish such an ambitious goal is by gathering the most valuable community feedback during our Testnet Launch.

Your contribution is key to helping us develop a new financial landscape for the decentralized economy. Be part of the financial history!

Ready, Set, Unlockd

The launch of Testnet-V2 marks the next step in our journey to build the only permissionless protocol designed to make the liquidity of RWAs accessible for everyone.

Join us as we take this historic step together.

Disclaimer: The wallets providing non-valuable feedback or contributions will be discarded to ensure a positive experience for all the community members. Any malicious or suspicious activity will be disqualified. We reserve the right to make changes to the campaign at any time.

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