Unlockd x Acadarena: opportunities for students in blockchain gaming.

4 min readAug 22, 2022


Unlockd, the decentralized, cross-chain protocol that provides NFT liquidity while keeping ownership utility, is thrilled to announce our partnership with AcadArena, the leading Campus Gaming and Esports Education organization in South-East Asia.

For Unlockd, this partnership reinforces our commitment to the Esports and GameFi industry, working closely with the college gaming ecosystem and young students to understand the next trends and build the future of the Metaverse. A future that will be led by gaming guilds and esports-focused DAOs, alongside which Unlockd will find itself providing value, liquidity, and utility.

The Unlockd team has known the AcadArena crew for years, and we genuinely believe in their mission of empowering gaming for student growth and career, helping develop skills via gaming and earning scholarships.

AcadArena has been constantly expanding and evolving, creating tournaments and events like CONQuest, developing innovative concepts like PlaytoGrad or launching the Alliance Network, and providing resources and guidance to improve campus Esports.

As one of the main drivers of the GameFi industry, from Unlockd we wanted to find a way to help them in their purpose of lowering the entry barriers to blockchain gaming for students around the world.

The purpose of this partnership is to work side by side to address the needs of this cohort of the GameFi ecosystem and leverage the technology we are developing to solve their problems and boost their chances of success.

Here’s how:

Empowering students in the gaming economy

We are excited to collaborate with a team of seasoned esports native professionals with an incredible community of over 100,000 students and almost a thousand schools across the world. Together, we will help students borrow against their NFTs and access new financing channels, driving sustainability and inclusion, and attracting and retaining new gamers.

In addition to working together to support and improve the gaming community, through this partnership AcadArena will have early and custom access to Unlockd NFT-backed debt tools. This will enable them to obtain extra liquidity and scale operations, seamlessly borrowing against most of the NFTs they own while still utilizing them.

We are incredibly excited to be working with Acadarena to find financing options to scale its operations and provide opportunities to students and gamers. We admire them and believe in the critical role they play in the ecosystem, driving financial inclusion for students and helping onboarding people into the gaming/esports industry, their support will allow Unlockd to improve and come up with better solutions to serve the community

— Carlos Otermin, Unlockd COO and co-Founder.

As part of our mission, we will extend some of these exclusive benefits and early access to their community members (alliance leaders, scholars and students). This will help both projects identify best practices and learn from young students with very unique behavior and pain points.

We’re excited to work with unlock opportunities for more student gamers to explore the metaverse with Unlockd. The entry barrier to going deep into web3 gaming is high, but Unlockd makes it easy for the everyday college gamer to venture into the space.

— Kevin Hoang, AcadArena co-founder.

As Unlockd works to support the GameFi ecosystem, we want to continue forging infrastructures and partnerships end to end, supporting creators and organizations in charge of tournaments, scholarship, content generation and streaming.

Unlockd is building a decentralized future in which anyone can have a chance to access better financing opportunities, especially younger people like students that oftentimes don’t have traditional forms of income. And we’re doing it side by side with the best partners in the ecosystem.

In this way, we will bring Unlockd’s NFT-backed liquidity solutions into the hands of hundreds of thousands of students who already rely on the growth opportunities that AcadArena provides.

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…about Acadarena

AcadArena is the leading organization for Campus Gaming and Esports Education in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Run by a unique team of seasoned esports natives and non-native professionals, AcadArena ensures that all student gamers are experiencing the best of what campus esports could offer.

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