Unlockd x BlockchainSpace: A partnership to empower Guild-managing tools.

3 min readMay 13, 2022


This partnership brings new growth opportunities to the play-to-earn communities, providing early access to all the guilds that are part of the BlockchainSpace network.

Unlockd, the decentralized protocol that provides NFT liquidity with NFT-backed, cross-chain, instant loans keeping 100% holder perks, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with BlockchainSpace, the leading data, collaboration, and financial hub for Play-To-Earn guilds.

Unlockd and BlockchainSpace share a common vision: give Guilds, gamers and investors access to the necessary tools to thrive in the Metaverse, contributing to the development of the NFT infrastructure and Play-To-Earn ecosystem.

BlockchainSpace allows P2E Guilds to leverage different tools and solutions that provide insights and the decentralized infrastructure needed to scale and optimize operations.

Enabling better guild management is critical as the ecosystem matures, and Unlockd will integrate the NFT-backed lending solution we are developing within the BlockchainSpace suite of services, enabling Guilds and players to borrow money against their assets.

Unlockd is a platform that focuses on the end-to-end user experience and interface, and we firmly think that web3 needs more intuitive and frictionless tools. This is one of the reasons why we are proud of partnering with BlockchainSpace, which shares our path to a future where DeFi x NFTs is an accessible, safe and easy-to-use intersection.

Unlockd aims to help users acquire more and better assets, managing their portfolios more efficiently through lending solutions. This is especially important for Guilds and investment DAOs. These are large organizations that don’t necessarily have access to traditional credit — thus, NFT lending can be the most efficient way of funding possible and generate a virtuous loop that accelerates their earnings and allows them to onboard more scholars and professional gamers.

This partnership’s long-term vision is driving financial inclusion through NFT loans, making it easier and more efficient for Guilds to own assets within the Metaverse and unlock their full utility and liquidity.

Unlockd and BlockchainSpace join forces in a long-term commitment to being a driving force in the P2E ecosystem, onboarding hundreds of millions of NFT owners, players, and Guild around the world.

Want to learn more about why this partnership is critical to the future of the industry? Extended blog post coming soon, stay tuned!

About Unlockd

Unlockd is the decentralized cross-chain protocol that provides democratized NFT liquidity and utility for Art, DeFi, Metaverse, Real World and Gaming.

Unlockd provides instant loans and enables seamless cross-chain borrowing and lending, with Unlockd borrowers can compound their wealth with NFT-backed loans while maintaining 100% of ownership perks.

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About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace ($GUILD) enables PlayToEarn Guilds to scale in the Metaverse, BlockchainSpace’s digital tools can help guilds scale and manage their players with ease.

BlockchainSpace is a guild hub for play-to-earn communities, with end to end solutions including CRM, Guild Data Analytics and Guild Financial Bank

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Unlockd allows users, DAOs, investors, gamers and guilds to earn yield and borrow against their NFTs with the safest instant loans, keeping all the NFT utility.