Unlockd x Earn Alliance: Building communities and tools to support gaming economies

Unlockd, the protocol that allows you to maximize the return on your NFTs with an NFT-backed instant loan keeping holder perks, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Earn Alliance, a project that builds communities and tools to empower gamers to unlock their full potential in Web3.

Earn Alliance exists to help cultivate gamers, communities, and game studios in their exploration of Web3 games. They have built separate verticals, including their news portal, competitive tournaments, a directory for games, their own Earn Studios and a place where gamers and communities can create Verified Gamer Profiles to share knowledge and be discovered.

Thanks to this multi-pronged approach to creating value for the ecosystem, they have positioned their community as a place where gamers can discover their next favorite web3 games.

The insights they are able to harvest are quite relevant for Unlockd, as we are always on the lookout for the next big games that we can support by enabling their in-game items as collateral in NFT-backed loans.

Discovery and findability are a big pain point for the blockchain gaming industry today, as there are thousands of games out there and it is becoming increasingly hard to find the most promising and professional ones.

Thus, Earn Alliance’s work is key to separating the signal from the noise, and our team will leverage this knowledge to foster a strong NFT ecosystem to which add value with liquidity and utility.

Their directory is made for gamers, with a focus on highlights of all social videos, an overview of the game genre and offering users the opportunity to support the game.

To effectively target each game, they feature social media integrations that segment the community and ensure they match people with their interests — allowing users to explore new opportunities, find their tribe and achieve more in Web3 games.

We really value their vision and how they stay true to their values, following the spirit of decentralization.

The team doesn’t offer paid spots to feature or advertise games on Earn Alliance. Instead, they focus on organic support, so that when a gamer supports a game, it is backed by proof of support. Only games believed to be the best by the bulk of the community will be shown as the best.

And that’s the path we want to follow: the democratization of value across Web3.

NFT-backed loans directly accessible from the metaverse

We are proud to be part of their journey, and we will support all their pioneering initiatives through our Unlockd NFT financing solutions.

We will work on integrating our tools to offer opportunities for their community members as well as learn from their expertise to identify high-potential games and projects that deserve to be supported by our protocol.

One of the key elements of the Earn Alliance ecosystem is the gamer profiles and badges. Badges are earned by achieving certain goals such as supporting a community, joining a Discord server, hitting the top 10,000 on the leaderboard, etc. This drives a reward system within the Earn Alliance community providing soul-bound NFTs to user profiles so they can showcase their achievement.

We are very aligned with this vision of utility NFTs and utilizing NFT technology to gamify more experiences and tackle real-life problems.

Besides, we also share their focus on data-driven decisions, and thanks to their tools we will be able to analyze the information on how well in-game assets perform, set market and limit orders for game NFTs aggregated from marketplaces across all chains, and easily understand performance for bulk buy and sell assets on demand.

GG if you ask us.

But there’s more: the Earn Alliance team is also building infrastructure solutions and projects through their Earn Studios, based on the learnings from their experience managing thousands of diverse utilities.

One of their key solutions is Earn Management, with which they help infrastructure solutions and games automate and provide insights to best operate as many assets required to run Guild operation. They cover everything from payments, team distribution, gamer operation, and analytics with a focus on automating game assets.

As we have stated in previous articles, there’s only one thing that’s better than data-driven decisions: having the liquidity needed to act on them in the most efficient way.

And that’s what we will be adding to the Earn Alliance value proposal: the go-to tool to unlock liquidity from the NFTs a user already owns via NFT-backed, instant loans.

Earn Alliance has joined our early bird program with our NFT genesis collection

Earn Alliance received a significant number of WL slots for the pre-sale of The Lockeys, Unlockd’s genesis collection of NFTs, The Lockeys.

In addition, they have received a special 1/1 Lockey that, as all NFTs from the collection, grants them early access to the protocol mainnet — as well as testing all beta features.


Remember that you are still able to get your hands on an NFT that unlocks early access to mainnet and future features, boosted $UNLK rewards, private community events, The Sandbox custom skin, DAO governance participation, and much more!

Public Sale of The Lockeys live now, few units left! Just 0.05 ETH, and we’ll cashback your money via UNLK airdrop. Mint here.

About Unlockd

Unlockd is the decentralized cross-chain protocol that provides democratized NFT liquidity and utility for Gaming, Art, Metaverse and DeFi digital assets.

Unlockd provides instant NFT-backed loans and enables seamless cross-chain borrowing and lending. With Unlockd, borrowers can maximize the return on their NFTs keeping the utility of their collateral, and lenders can earn high yields providing liquidity to our pools.

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About Earn Alliance

Earn Alliance exists to help cultivate gamers, communities, and games in their exploration of this exciting future.

Earn Alliance will provide a space for quality News, a directory for Games and a place where gamers and communities can create Verified Gamer Profiles to share knowledge and be discovered. Tournaments will also be hosted to help create a fun, competitive community as we all wait for the next best web3 games.

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